Mental Health and Suicide in Todays World

Mental Health and Suicide in Todays World

Suicide rates are rising. We have felt the pain of loss, here at Inspired we know first hand what it's like to have a close one end their life and what's even crazier, is that they were well known and on their way to having all they ever wanted and realizing their dreams ....but that's not enough.

Mental health can affect anyone no matter race, sex, religion, rich, or poor. Let me start by saying rest easy Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain both of these people were highly successful in society's eyes, one was a pioneer in woman's handbags and her husband started Warby Parker; they had money and influence and also a daughter. Anthony Bourdain if you loved food and cultures this man was amazing when it came to touching and relating to people from all walks of life. His traveling and his journeys were nothing short of epic. Even with all of their huge accomplishments, it comes as a shock to hear about them both taking their own life and so close in time to each other. One reason we started Inspired By All was that this is a deep issue that goes unspoken and sometimes is neglected. We have all had some lows in life and some are affected way more than others. I remember growing up and hearing things like taking one's life is not a Minority thing but the truth is studies show that like a lot of taboo topics in the black community we don't speak about it or disregard it. A lot of times families will not report it as that out of shame or to hide it. We hope over time we can bring more awareness and help combat this. Inspiration, Motivation, and finding the Why you, Why for living and being happy are a start but it's not the answer. We aim to inspire those troubled, anyone who has goals, the average, the above average no matter who you are by getting and staying inspired. You matter and your thoughts matter, don't let the negative creep in your life and consume you to be great. Be happy, be thankful and be inspired. Also, check on your strong friends, sometimes they need the most help and support at times. We all need this, we all go through it, but that's one more reason to get Inspired and support.   

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