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No matter what don't give up !

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Our latest hat collection Cho$en .... Symbolizing The Universe Got You

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Check out our most comfy sweats to date you'll love these Cho$en

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Who would of thought sports cards are back ! Check out this episode on how to find collect and find value in these .  The Patrick Mahomes Card is going for $195k fyi !! Wanna learn more click play and watch the episode  Short Clip of Episode 8. Jason talks about the Sports Card investment game, His $250k Cards collection and how to make money from it. Tune in! #Podcast #tradingcards Instagram: @Wangjaso_ @Gemx23pc Instagram: @TheSessionUpPodcast @Philasophical @Sodanny_Fame Apple Podcast/Spotify: The Session Up Podcast Website: Email: Thank You for watching! Please Subscribe!

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