How to Be More Productive : The Power of 4-5Am Wake Up

How to Be More Productive : The Power of 4-5Am Wake Up

Most successful people in the world like Kobe Bryant, Richard Branson, and Robin Sharma all share the same interest of waking up early like 4 to 5 am to start there morning.

1 . Create your routine 

Example : 

(4:30 am) Wake up Big Smile ...Meditate 10 min   :) Drink 1 Cup of Water Set Pre Workout Drink and make coffee

(4:50 am) Head to Gym Affirmations on The Way to Gym

(5:00am) at Gym

(6:45am) Leaving Gym Podcast on The Way Home Make Post Workout Drink

(7:15 am) Showered  Read 1 hour. 

(8:15 am)  Create Content 

(9:00 am)  Go to work on List of items I created the night before in my productivity book from Intelligent Change.

The above is a guideline add what makes you happy and productive.


Now for me, I am a night owl everyone knows that so I had to make adjustments no longer staying up until 12 am at all in bed by 10 pm latest. This is a new 30-day challenge for me. 

Maximize the day start that hobby you wanted to do. You want to be the best it's not easy but the proof is in the list that follows this NO excuse. You want to change it starts TODAY >

Wake up and Get Inspired 


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