Why You Need Tough Love and Those That Challenge You

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Why You Need Tough Love and Those That Challenge You

I know losing teams, and I know winning teams...and anyone who has been apart of both in life, not just sports can attest to this tough love is needed in the world to many are not speaking up and holding others in their circle accountable .. I'm all for some business is not yours but when you truly care it is and when it's coming from a good place it's needed. Especially for example if it affects you as in a team or partnership. Too many people are failing themselves and also others. They get upset when someone calls them out on there BS... no those are the types I have always loved in my camp in my corner and around me. Lifes hard it hits you in the mouth but be thankful you have someone who wants you to not settle for mediocrity some of you get it. Real friends, family, big homies, bosses don't accept half-ass effort and mediocre achievements when the person in front of them is capable of so much more .  Let that sink in then swim . 


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