Why What Others Expect From You Is not Important Always

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Why What Others Expect From You Is not Important Always

Friends, Parents, Significant others and more expect a lot from us always and they should I get it, I'm not talking the little things like I expect you to pay the bill or go here, etc. What I am getting at is in life the big picture and goals see everyone has expectations for you and expects but the key to this all is going out daily and pushing towards your potential that's what's expected of you when people see you not giving it 100% you owe it to yourself and those that depend on you to Maximize and reach your potential. It doesn't matter what it is your doing that what angers people that care about you is your not living up to your best potential self ... take a moment and reflect on an argument you had when it comes to a grade on your test, lack of practice, your relationship or job are you giving your all 110 %? if not that's what upsets the other person... ill leave you with this, there is nothing worse then wasted talent. Don't waste today go out and do something you have been meaning or wanting to . 


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