Why We Should All Drive Our Cars Less

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Why We Should All Drive Our Cars Less

Last time you were in a traffic jam, you might have told yourself you were going to start taking the bus or the subway more often. That and other options are possible, and you would literally be doing the world a favor. If you walk or ride your bike instead of driving, you would also be doing yourself a favor.

Reduce Urban Pollution

According to UCSUSA, car exhaust is one of the leading causes of urban pollution. One way you can help to reduce pollution is to cut down on driving your car. Your lifestyle will determine how much you will be able to make other arrangements, but some people have cut driving their own vehicle totally out of their life to the extent that they have sold their car. Other people contribute to cleaner air by carpooling, using a rideshare or taking public transportation from one to several times a week. Each driver can do their part however it works for them to contribute to public safety by helping to clean up our air quality.

Reduce Traffic

Most people will tell you they don't like driving in traffic. Slowing down your day is only one of the reasons traffic is disliked so much. According to The Patel Law Firm, the more time you spend in a car driving, the more likely you are to get into an accident. And if you ask any police officer or paramedic, traffic accidents are very common. Public safety, especially in large cities, is difficult to keep under control with so many drivers on the road.

Save Money

AAA says that cutting down on how much you use your car has the added benefit of helping you save money. You will spend less money on oil changes as well as other routine maintenance that is necessary. Gas prices go up and down and it can be a big expense if you commute every day. You could try taking public transportation a couple of times a week for a month. At the end of that time, figure out how much you saved and decide if it would be worth it to you on a regular basis.

There are very few downsides to reducing how much you use your car. If you take a look at the pros and cons in your life, you might find that it's worth it to leave your car parked once in a while, even a few times a month.

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