Why Black Lives Matter

Why Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter : As protests against racist police brutality sweep across the United States and spread around the globe, rallying cries of "Black Lives Matter" echo through our streets and our digital avenues.

As we all digest the news and think about how to respond and participate at such a pivotal time, it’s important to recognize what Black Lives Matter really means — as well as why the phrase "All Lives Matter" is problematic. At its face, "All Lives Matter" sounds like a we're-all-in-this-together statement.

Some may be using the phrase to suggest that all races should join hands and stand together against racism, which is a sentiment that comes from a good place. But the problem is, the phrase actually takes the focus away from those who need it. Saying "All Lives Matter" redirects the attention from Black lives, who are the ones in peril.

It can be an uncomfortable experience for many of us, especially if you're someone that hasn't taken the time to grapple with your own role in the systemic oppression that exists in our society. But it's also an essential education, no matter where you are in your journey. One of the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement is to raise awareness that we, as a nation, need to reconsider our priorities. Right now, there are U.S. institutions and systems that act as if black lives don't matter say it with pride B.L.M


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