Ways to unlock and Finding Your Inspiration

Ways to unlock and Finding Your Inspiration

As the saying goes a mind is a terrible thing to waste and there is nothing worse then wasted talent . But lets face it not everyone wakes up or is born and by a early age finds or even knows there calling or talent or even become inspired until way later when they are more mature …. everyone's timing is different and you cant rush greatness.  But there are tips to help .

1. Try new things and get out of your comfort zone , signup for that speech or improv class , cooking , anything that is a commitment and one that you have never done will work don't even jump full time into anything if you can test and try it out . 

2. Set goals write them down not one or 2 but everything that you want to accomplish go far out even 25 yrs or more . Read them day and night , whatever you move toward this usually the one to start on .

3. A easy one a successful football player told me ,  he also had all of his children who went pro in different sports .. he said what's the first thing you want to do when you wake up in the morning .. find that and know that its your true calling no matter how hard it may be accomplish right away . 

4. Read biographies about great people you admire , I find that by reading about them you learn about there ups and there downs as well as all the paths they took to and before they became who ever they are today. 

Hope these help its all about the effort then the execution and don't ever think something is out of reach or its to late or that you need to be in a rush it will be when its suppose to be. 

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