The Power of Committing to doing one thing towards your Dreams and Goals

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The Power of Committing to doing one thing towards your Dreams and Goals

We all have goals and dreams deep down inside, even if you haven't told anyone yours. 

Well in order to chase and catch those were going to share some insight and how important it is to commit to even one thing. This separates the hopeful from the lost. It's the little details that count, the extra hour, extra reps, and with consistency, it adds up to so much more. 

First, have a very clear picture, take a moment and right now write it down, Seriously grab a paper and pen or type it on your computer 5 goals


1. Goals 5x (Lose weight) vs (Lose 25 pounds, tone legs, and arms)  

2. When do you want to achieve each  (in a yr) vs (March 30th I will have lost 25 pounds and toned my arms and legs )

3. What will you do to achieve each? (Go to the gym daily) vs Monday Wed, Sat, Run  Lift Tues Thur, Meal prep 1 x a week etc 

Be very detailed. 

Close your eyes: 

What would your relationships be like, your body, your lifestyle be detailed, what is the goals and when do you want it accomplished by. 

Take a min to close your eyes and envision the results of accomplishing these goals you have set for 5 min. 

A man once told me hey even if your goal is 1 million in a yr and you only hit 500k your first try are you going to be that upset?  Hey just go at it again and see what happens. Bigger the goals the harder the push. 

Lastly :

Once you have the targets just commit to one thing that will take you closer to your life goal, nothing is more important , make a commitment to go 100% all in, if you are tired no excuse your committed , I will still do one thing , If you feel it's going nowhere, I will still do one thing , the one thing can change your life if your prepared to make that commitment and give that little extra with consistency it adds up to a massive thing it builds character and more and that's the difference .


Feel free to leave comments or thoughts 

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