Ten Things You can Do To Find Balance In Your Life

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Ten Things You can Do To Find Balance In Your Life

A lot going on in your world? work life? trying to pursue your goals?  sometimes it can be overwhelming .... you must find balance trust me. 

Well here are some tips to do just that and stay inspired.

1. Value yourself avoid self-criticism make time for the things you like to do hobbies, or a favorite project a lot of people don't take time to do what they enjoy and that's one way to go down a path of unhappiness take some of your time back reclaim  it even if only for 30 min a day . 

2. Take care of your body, this starts with eating healthy nutritious meals, believe it or not, avoid cigarettes see tobacco cessation. Drink lots of water it actually helps when feeling sluggish or tired, and exercise this helps decrease depression and anxiety and improves moods.

3. A big one often overlooked surround yourself with good people. People with strong family or social connections are generally healthier, make plans with people like this get around their energy its vital positive energy. 

4. Volunteer or Give yourself to helping others or a cause, the bonus is you get to meet new people. 

5. Learn how to deal with stress. Like it or not stress is going t be a part of life so you have to learn and practice coping skills , some methods are tai chi , exercise, walk in nature or around the block, remember to smile just find a mirror and smile, or laughter this will boost your immune system as well, all of this can relax the body and reduce stress . 

6. Break up the monotony , alter your routine change your jogging route , plan a road trip , hang some new pictures up , change up your room bed on a whole other side , even try a new restaurant if your a creature of habit and most humans are we need a jolt or change up it helps us all function better . 

7. Set Goals .. this one is so vital but please write them down and view them daily once you start seeing how close you are becoming its a great positive addiction and you feel a tremendous sense of self-accomplishment and self-worth aim high.

These are just to get you started on the path to be inspired we all have goals and ambitions and this world can bog you down so stay focused confident and inspired

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