Prayers for El Paso and Ohio

Prayers for El Paso and Ohio

It’s  hard to stomach that someone has this much hate in them to go out a do a mass shooting of seemingly random people, kids, men, women, workers, good people just going to there local store. It’s sickening and we have to do better then this as a whole we have to be able to put a stop to this. Prayers for those who have been affected by this tragedy. Today take some time spread some some positive energy the world needs it . We don’t have the answers at Inspired by all but we no for a fact hate is not the way. 

One thing that was a ray of light on this was Glen Oakley he was shopping at a Foot Locker when a child ran into the store and reported the mass shooting. Seconds later, he heard gunfire.

I’m in the military, so when I hear gunshots, I just think ‘take cover.’ But I was so worried about those kids.”

Oakley’s story began circulating as news of the shooting spread, with many on social media calling for more coverage of his heroic actions in lieu of details of the shooter’s life.

Fort Bliss officials did not issue an official statement about Oakley’s actions, but did confirm his status in the Army. They also noted that he has received the National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and the Army Service Ribbon.

People like Glen Oakley and the First responders and many others big shout out and thanks because I’m sure there were more . Thank you for the brave . 

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