Making Life Changes: Old Ways Won't Open New Doors

Making Life Changes: Old Ways Won't Open New Doors

Why its good to try new things. Whether you're traveling to new places and I'm not talking las vegas (unless you have never been) you have to get out for adventure or a head change. I remember in sales people would take a break walk or smoke, anything to just get your mind re aligned now even that works and I'm not talking about the sales people who were lazy the real grinders. You ever hear about the stories of entrepreneurs who travel to a distant land and come back with a great new business idea? Go Pro, Starbucks etc and more, My martial arts teacher would always bark out "One door closes another opens" but you have to keep moving and watch for it.  Your day and week and year are dependent on your mindset of knowing that nothing stays the same. Don't be scared to try something new walk through the door. Is it easy? No! it's not but if the door is open and you have the opportunity, it is on you to recognize it and make the jump.

Your habits are what keep you from this, your old ways and mindset are hindering you. One thing to start doing is the counting backward to 5 method then go at it. Cold showers are also a game changer amazing what that does besides the health advantages. Bottom line a lot of the things we want to do won't kill us so this week start something new dare to break out of your comfort zone and walk through that new door. 

As always be inspired as you do this knowing its apart of growth.  life is all about your expansion and pushing beyond your limits. 

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There was a reason I needed to read this quote because it told me what I needed to stop holding myself hostage to old ways start fresh and positive today because I can begin to grow

Thanks 🙏


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