My Journey - Ep9 The Session Up Podcast

My Journey - Ep9 The Session Up Podcast

So this was a great experience to be able to go on the Session Up Podcast and share whats been going on with me outside and inside of Inspired so if you want to know more about mean and check out a dope up and coming pod cast show you found it . 

I look forward to doing more of if anyone is looking for a guest speaker or knows of a pod cast that I would be a great fit for message me.  Press play and check out my journey . 

Description: Our big bro Brandon joins the Session. He talks about his childhood growing up in Seattle, how he met us, running multiple businesses as an Entrepreneur, and a whole lot more. Always a great conversation when we link up. Tune in!!! #Podcast #longbeach #entrepreneur

Brandon's info Clothing Line:

Cleaning Service:

Real estate:

Instagram: @Theinspired.ones 

Instagram: @TheSessionUpPodcast @Philasophical @Sodanny_Fame

Apple Podcast/Spotify: The Session Up Podcast Website: Email:

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