Let People Laugh At Your Dreams  and Goals Heres Why

Let People Laugh At Your Dreams and Goals Heres Why

First off there is almost no one who just picked something to try or do that has not fell flat on there face or sucked terribly, now there are people who have a knack or a calling and they can do something and be great but I promise they have had a weakness or had to overcome adversity. And in that failure yes people will laugh and point fingers, but that's ok as they laugh for your failure just remember there are spectators those who pay to go to watch the stars the greats that that had the guts to step into and show up to the arena a lot of them are scared to worry about how others feel about them they're not free they cant be Mindset is powerful and just know your goals are supposed to be a challenge to climb and grind to achieve. 

Don't worry about the naysayers or the negativity from friends family of anyone ever just live your life and chase your dream you will have fewer regrets and stress I promise just know every try and failure brings you closer to your destiny and what you will find is the journey the chaos was necessary. This is not to say be reckless have plan write it down just know it's not a straight path its zigzags and stop signs and knowing when to run the red light and keep your foot on the pedal.

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