Be Joyful: Changes to Make in Your Life That Can Help You Feel More Joy

Be Joyful: Changes to Make in Your Life That Can Help You Feel More Joy

Building joy into your life will require you to be present. Becoming present with yourself and those around you is about breaking away from distractions and connecting more deeply with those you love. By focusing on where you put your attention and your time, you can keep deep happiness within easy reach.

Unplug From Technology

We live in a hyperconnected world. The news tells us what to worry about, and social media reminds us of all the fun we're not having. To experience deep joy, we need to dig into a state of gratitude for the people, activities and things we currently have access to. If you find yourself feeling unhappy with your current company or possessions, turn off any devices that lead you to dig into social media. Heavy use of social media can increase depression and anxiety.

Do Something You Enjoy Everyday

We also live in a very busy world. Time is the most valuable component of building more happiness into your life. Prioritize your life to make room for joy. If you love hearing your kids laugh, make time to fly kites, play in the sprinkler or build a fort in the snow. Take care not to become too good at solving problems. Fixing broken situations may give you a sense of satisfaction, but it can also prime your brain to look for problems that you alone can fix. Satisfaction can give you a good reason to dust off your hands and smile, but it isn't joy.

Avoid Comparison

Stay away from advertisements, social media, and television programs that make you pine for more than you currently have. If money is tight and you have to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch this week, prepare your sandwiches with care, grab a bottle of cold water, and take a good book to a picnic bench. You can turn a budget lunch into joy in the present moment. Feel the breeze in your hair and the sun on your skin. Whether you are alone or with a good friend, you can deeply enjoy simple events.

The pressure for more is a thief that steals contentment and joy. Too often, we are trained to think that getting bigger and better items will bring us happiness. The procurement or achievement of such things may give us a bit of a rush, but true joy comes with contentment. To become content with what you have and where you are, focus on the people, places and things around you right now, and find something to appreciate.

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