5 Traits of Discipline Will Set You Free

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5 Traits of Discipline Will Set You Free

The day a week, a year can be brutal .... but one word can make it worth it.....that's one word is discipline. 

No one is watching it takes character. To say no when those around you choose to be average. 

If you haven't worked for it, sacrificed for it then what is it worth? 

you ever have that task that you avoid and you end up not getting 

1. Raise your standards, the reason you are the product of your 5 closest friends you become that is bc that's all you know.

2. Follow your passion, study all or anyone who is great and they will tell you this when you wake up what the first thing you want to do? That's what you should do money will come, but the happiness will remain. 

3. Don't be afraid to fail to embrace failure. When you first start anything you will fail and make mistakes, skateboarding you will fall, jujitsu get beat up for a yr its ok. if you want to increase your success rate don't be scared to fail. 

4. Don't listen to the little man, those friends or family or little person in your head who tells you that you cant no matter if they mean well. 

5. Believe in You, confidence, take the first step. having the discipline to say no I can do this will set you free. 

All 5 of these traits when combined are so key to altering your mindset and where you will end up, give it your all, we don't get to redo life. 

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