3 Helpful Tips for Companies Looking to Outsource Sales and Marketing Projects

3 Helpful Tips for Companies Looking to Outsource Sales and Marketing Projects

3 Helpful Tips for Companies Looking to Outsource Sales and Marketing Projects


When you need marketing and sales expertise, you may think that hiring regular employees is your best bet. The cost of hiring new employees, however, can be much steeper than you expect, and you don’t always need help on a permanent basis. So if you have sales and marketing projects that need tweaking to increase your profits, think about using these tips to hire outside temporary outside help instead:


How to Get Help for Your Website

Did you know that Americans spend about 35.2 hours online each month? That number can be quite a bit higher for many consumers, so if your small business doesn’t have a well-designed website that’s easy to use, you could be missing out on a simple way to boost your marketing and sales. It's always a good idea to hire freelance developers to enhance your small business website with their specialized skills. They can create a sleek, simple-to-use website for you and help you manage it to increase your reach to potential customers, and they’ll make sure all necessary security measures are in place to protect both you and your clients.


Another way you can use outside or freelance workers to boost your online presence is to look for content writers who can craft engaging blog posts and written content for your new website, and really help you connect with your customers. You can fill these roles, as well as other sales and marketing gigs, by turning to freelance job sites.There, you'll have access to talented professionals who can complete all your sales and marketing projects and help you run your business more efficiently.

How to Get Help With Your Branding 

Businesses that are struggling with marketing and sales should consider taking a closer look at their branding strategies. Branding is essential for any small business looking to attract and retain more sales and customers because this is what helps people identify with your company and become more invested in your products and services. As part of this marketing plan, you’ll need a catchy logo and other graphics that will help your business stand out in all the right ways, and since your logo is so important for building your brand and business, you should invest in graphic design services from a company like 99designs or the Creative Group rather than use an online logo generator. Logo generators may be less expensive, but they also allow less creativity for customizing a logo that will attract more customers to your small business. Your brand development may also benefit from a new business structure, which will help establish your company as a legitimate and trustworthy business. Services like ZenBusiness can help you incorporate your brand.

Lastly, if you want help with all aspects of marketing, including branding, logos, and your ideal business structure, you may be better off hiring a marketing consultant to help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. Agencies and consultants can even assist with social media marketing, giving you one less project to outsource for your small business.

How to Get Help With Social Media 

If you revamp your website, you need to make sure social media links are included. These links are elements your web developer can easily add, but they’re also critical for increasing engagement with potential and current customers. You will want these links added to pages with valuable content that consumers will want to share on their social media pages, but before you add those links, consider getting some help with your social media marketing strategies by hiring the right social media help. Depending on the size of your small business and the scope of your marketing plan, that could mean bringing in a social media agency or a freelance consultant. A social media agency will be more expensive, but these contracted experts will help create and manage your social media presence, while a consultant tends to only focus on a single social media problem. So if you are looking for constant engaging content, investing in a social media agency or a social media manager may be your best choice for increasing sales. 

When you own a growing business, hiring full-time workers to address every sales or marketing need may not make much sense. These are niche projects that can be much more cost-effective to outsource to freelance workers, consultants, or agencies, plus you are more likely to get the expertise you need to help your business thrive and succeed. So before you add another full-time or part-time employee to the payroll, look outside of your company for that help. 

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